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Criminal Defense

Hiring the Right Criminal Defense Attorney Makes all the Difference

William KrogerViolating the laws can bring very severe penalties; this can include the loss of your freedom, which is one of our most sacred rights. It is important that you make the right decision in retaining the proper criminal defense attorney for your criminal case. While some law firms practice in multiple areas of law, as criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles, we focus our practice entirely on criminal defense.

Unlike most criminal defense attorneys, I have never prosecuted or investigated anyone on behalf of a governmental entity. Many defense attorneys are proud of their accomplishments as prosecutors who worked to put people in prison. Criminal defense work requires a distinctive mindset. I have and always have been, and shall forever remain 100% defense-oriented, placing checks on the power of the prosecution, and prying investigators.

Group of people in library with shelves of booksWilliam Kroger is a criminal defense attorney in Beverly Hills who handles most types of serious state and federal crimes with particular emphasis in defending drug charges. If you or someone you know has been (or may be) charged with any criminal offense, we encourage you to call now for a consultation with a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles. We believe that early intervention is critical to our mutual success.

Kroger Criminal Defense Resource Center

If you are looking for more information about a crime or law, we at the Kroger Law Group may have the answers in our online criminal defense resource center. We hope our dedication to being among the best criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles shows through this work and our communication with you. We encourage you to read through this site to learn more about the types of crimes we handle. There are also pages about your rights that are guaranteed by the California and the U.S. Constitution and the process that we go through to protect your rights from overreaching prosecutors and misbehaving cops.

Do not wait to contact us if you have an active case. Even though we have this resource, you should still take advantage of our offer for a free consultation about your case as soon as possible. Evidence and potential witnesses may be lost if you wait too long to begin the investigation of your case. It doesn't matter what time it is. This is the right moment to reach out for help on your case. Call us at 323-655-5700 or message us now.

The Kroger Criminal Defense Resource Center is here to help you understand your criminal case and your rights under California and federal law. We are always adding to the resource center, and we welcome suggestions for new topics so that we can serve you better.

Crimes by Topic

We handle most serious crimes in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. The California Penal Code has hundreds of laws that define many crimes. Most crimes fit into a handful of categories, and some of the crimes overlap. Search this page or use the following index to find articles on the most common crimes we see in the Los Angeles area.

Drug Crimes

The drug crimes section of the Kroger Criminal Defense Resource Center is the most in-depth, with topics ranging from Controlled Substances in California to the consequences of issuing an unlawful prescription.

Visit the Drug Crimes section of the resource center for more information and a detailed list of articles.

Driving Offenses and DUI Driving Under the Influence

What to avoid if you are facing a criminal charge?

Driving ViolationsViolent CrimesDomestic ViolenceProperty CrimesInternet and Computer Crimes
Client Reviews
"I would highly recommend Mr. Kroger for anyone seeking help in a drug case. He was very helpful at putting me at ease and took care of everything for me in court." Paul
"My first time using an attorney Bill Kroger took care if my issue that could have turned into something much worse in no time. The best." Stephen W
Bill and his team have helped my business tremendously. Friendly and easy to work with. Highly recommend! Ammar