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3,132 marijuana plants in an illegal marijuana grow.  Case Dismissed.

Arrested for possessing 220 kilograms of cocaine in a secret compartment in his 18 wheeler. Two hung jury trials later, he was found not guilty on all counts and released from jail the next day.

Arrested with 132 pounds of marijuana at the airport. By intervening early in the case, it was tried in local court, not federal court. The client received probation.

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Premier Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles specializing in Marijuana and Drugs.


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  • Bill got my case dismissed

    Bill is a straight forward guy that will guide you from the moment you go to his office seeking counsel to the moment the case is handled. He handles every case on a personal level and will definitely take care of you. I don’t want to go into too much detail about my case but when I got into trouble I thought everything was gonna come crashing down if I had gotten a felony. Long story short all my worries were for nothing because Bill got my case dismissed. He tried to surprise me but I found out before he got to me haha

    Delwin L.
    Via Yelp
  • Highly Recommend!

    I would highly recommend Mr. Kroger for anyone seeking help in a drug case. He was very helpful at putting me at ease and took care of everything for me on court.

    Via Online Review
  • William Kroger is the best defense lawyer in Los Angeles

    William Kroger is the best defense lawyer in Los Angeles. His offices are in Beverly Hills and prices are reasonable. He travels to most court houses in the greater Los Angeles area. I usually hate dealing with Lawyers but Bill made the whole experience easy and stress free on my end. He started working on my case immediately and his associate Buddy kept me updated with the progress. I was referred to his Law Office by a friend and will definitely refer him to my friends in the future. Hands down if you need a Defense Lawyer in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles call Bill. He handles Medical Marijuana cases, DUI, Major Traffic Violations, and so much more.

    Via Online Review
  • Thank you Attorney William Kroger!

    A good friend recommended Mr. Kroger as a criminal defense lawyer. I could not have had a better recommendation. I had outstanding violations and one had turned into a warrant. I was amazed at Mr. Kroger ability to fight my case. He was able to dismiss my fines and penalties. I have never seen anyone work the Los Angeles court system Like Mr. Kroger. His experience and ease working with the courtroom was incredible. He has a great bedside manner I felt the stress lift as soon as I hired him. His staff is helpful friendly and efficient. He saved me thousands of dollars in fees and penalties. I feel so thankful and grateful that my case was dismissed. This could have only happened with a consummate professional.

    Via Online Review
  • I would recommend this firm to anyone

    I’ve called my share of attorney’s and when I spoke to Buddy about my issue, he was really helpful and was able to answer my questions. When I came out to the office, he treated me with respect, and help me with my case. I don’t want to go into details, but he was able to get my case drop. I’ve never had to call to see what was going on, buddy kept me up to date on my case, and I can’t stop saying this again. He was very professional, and help me get through this stressful time. I would recommend this firm to anyone. Thank you so much!

    Frank C.
    Via Online Review
  • The best.

    My first time using an attorney Bill Kroger took care if my issue that could have turned into something much worse in no time. The best.

    Stephen W.
    Via Online Review

Mr. Kroger has over 19 years of hands-on experience in all aspects of criminal defense. While Mr. Kroger is well known for his experience in Marijuana and Drugs, he also provides his clients representation in all areas of criminal defense.  The working relationship as a criminal defense attorney he has cultivated with judges, district attorneys, court clerks and other lawyers can only be established by countless years of defending clients in court on a daily basis.

His loyalties are entirely with the defense of his client. Ensuring that defendants are treated fairly and are represented with the best legal defense possible has always been of utmost concern to Mr. Kroger.

  • Los Angeles Premier Criminal Defense Lawyer
  • Thousands of Drugs, Guns, Marijuana and Other Criminal Offenses Handled
  • Criminal Defense & Personal Attention to all Clients
  • Gun Crimes Experience at the Most Serious Levels
  • Specific Experience Representing Dispensaries, Individuals With and Without Med Cards and other Drug Offenses
  • 18 Plus Years of Experience

Early intervention by experienced, responsible legal aid is crucial to effectively defend your freedom when you’ve been charged with a crime. You owe it to yourself to get a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney that can give you the best possible representation and advice, inside and outside of the courtroom. Kroger Law Group staffs the finest criminal defense lawyers Los Angeles can offer, ready to help you seek justice and get a superior defense. Our offices maintain an emphasis on drug-related crimes and charges; if you are in need of an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles, CA who is proficient in medical marijuana and drug laws, there’s simply no better attorney than William S. Kroger.

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If you are facing a serious criminal charges, marijuana crimes, drug-related crimes or if you’re a medical marijuana dispensary owner raided by the federal government — Contact William S. Kroger today.

Hiring the Right Criminal Defense Attorney  Makes all the Difference

Arrest, bail hearings, arraignment and court dates are not to be taken lightly. It could lead to fines or even imprisonment. Not every law firm specializes in ensuring law enforcement respects your rights or can guide you through this very serious legal process every step of the way.

It’s important to choose a criminal law firm that specializes in criminal defense — a practice that is completely, 100 percent oriented toward your defense. Whether it’s arrest, interviews or court hearings, these firms ensure their clients understand what their rights are, and that law enforcement and the legal process work within their limits.

Another consideration is the experience a law firm has with state and criminal courts. Ideally, a successful and established criminal defense practice represents, or represented, a variety of clients, especially those involving serious drug and medical marijuana charges. If you, or someone you know, is in danger of being arrested or is in the process of being charged with a crime, it is important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

Though every situation is unique, experienced criminal legal representation is essential to being found not guilty and maintaining your freedom. In some cases, defendants have had money and drugs — seized by police or federal law enforcement — returned.

While the possibility of facing fines and imprisonment is stressful to everyone involved, contacting an expert criminal lawyer is important to mounting a defense and its success.

Choose a Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles Dedicated to Your Defense

Many defense lawyers previously worked in law enforcement or as prosecutors. The people they’ve put in jail are now the people these former cops and district attorneys now represent.

However, it is possible to find defense lawyers who have never worked in law enforcement or as a prosecutor. These lawyers believe that in order to properly represent their clients, it is necessary to develop and maintain a defense oriented mindset — a 100 percent defense oriented mindset.  Call 323-538-3358.

This philosophy and attitude maintains their vigilance against any abuses of power by the police and law enforcement, and ensures they work within their bounds.

“Unlike most criminal defense attorneys, I have never prosecuted or investigated anyone on behalf of a governmental entity. Many defense attorneys are proud of their accomplishments as prosecutors who worked to put people in prison. Criminal defense work requires a distinctive mindset. I have and always have been, and shall forever remain 100% defense-oriented, placing checks on the power of the prosecution, and prying investigators.”

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