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Had a dui and he was able to help me out! Great attorney, worth the money!

– Lazaro A

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Bill is the best lawyer I've ever worked with in my life, and I've been in trouble more than my share of times.

He bullied the prosecutor to the point they gave up and I was able to stay out of jail.

– Jeff

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One of the BEST criminal lawyers in Los Angeles ! Honestly has helped me on three cases and the out comes of all cases were great. He is very passionate about his work, also has so much knowledge when its come to anything dealing with court and cases. I highly recommend Mr. Kroger. He's a professional. Thank you to him and his team.

– Izamar M

Ask Bill Kroger to represent me and I received a top gun attorney. An attorney who protected my rights, an attorney who made who fought for me in court. He's someone who I could count on, and when I texted him, he responded back promptly. I wasn't just a client, he made me feel like family. He helped me and my family get our life back.
He was an attorney I could depend on. Thank you, Bill. And God bless.

– Israel G

Bill and his team have helped my business tremendously. Friendly and easy to work with. Highly recommend!

– Ammar R

Amazing results and quality service. Highly recommended for all legal matters.

– Casey P

Mr. Kroger got my sentence, for a very serious crime, reduced from 2 years in prison to community service and probation, best law firm ever! He is very good at negotiating. He is worth every penny spent. Charged me such a reasonable rate too, it almost felt like he was doing it pro-bono! Anyway, my family and I, are very thankful for the great outcome on my case.

– Luis S

Team Kroger!

I’m not going into specifics as I got 3 traffic tickets in 1 month. This Attorney (Mr Kroger) and Buddy were wonderful and I can now sleep at night. All dismissed. Reasonable fees for awesome results as a defendant. He got 2 dismissed and now waiting on getting the 3rd dismissed.

– Chili L

Bill got My Case Dismissed

Bill is a straight forward guy that will guide you from the moment you go to his office seeking counsel to the moment the case is handled. He handles every case on a personal level and will definitely take care of you. I don't want to go into too much detail about my case but when I got into trouble I thought everything was gonna come crashing down if I had gotten a felony. Long story short all my worries were for nothing because Bill got my case dismissed. He tried to surprise me but I found out before he got to me haha

– Delwin L

Bottom line is thank you Mr. Kroger and you are the best!!

William Kroger. I cannot express our family's appreciation enough for what Mr. Kroger has done. He amazes me with his honest to the point conversations held in his office. He has a way of comforting you and relieving the stress that comes with a legal matter. We have retained Mr. Kroger on multiple occasions and have gotten to know him and respect his knowledge and experience with the legal system. I am always amazed with the professional manner he handles himself in the courtroom.

Mr. Kroger has a way to stand out in the crowd and with his confidence in the court of law, he gains the respect of his fellow attorneys along with the Judges. Mr. Kroger is a criminal defense lawyer although our family was involved with a terrible civil case and he took it on. My understanding this is not something he usually does. Words cannot express how much he has done for us. Without getting into specifics, he has defended our family where the outcome could have been much worse than it did. I don't know if he realizes this but he has been a big influence for a specific member of our family. Before I end, I must bring up the fact that he actually travel to northern California to represent a family member.

This to me is something you will not find often, and reflects his loyalty to his clients. Thank you Mr. Kroger and your whole staff for being there for us. I would suggest to anyone who requires the best of a defense attorney to contact his office for his legal services. I could go on forever writing about how much he has supported us, but the bottom line is thank you Mr. Kroger and you are the best!! You have changed his life!!

– Shane Christensen

Highly Recommend!

I would highly recommend Mr. Kroger for anyone seeking help in a drug case. He was very helpful at putting me at ease and took care of everything for me on court.

– Paul

William Kroger is the Best Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles

William Kroger is the best defense lawyer in Los Angeles. His offices are in Beverly Hills and prices are reasonable. He travels to most court houses in the greater Los Angeles area. I usually hate dealing with Lawyers but Bill made the whole experience easy and stress free on my end. He started working on my case immediately and his associate Buddy kept me updated with the progress. I was referred to his Law Office by a friend and will definitely refer him to my friends in the future. Hands down if you need a Defense Lawyer in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles call Bill. He handles Medical Marijuana cases, DUI, Major Traffic Violations, and so much more.

– Kaylin

Thank you Attorney William Kroger!

A good friend recommended Mr. Kroger as a criminal defense lawyer. I could not have had a better recommendation. I had outstanding violations and one had turned into a warrant. I was amazed at Mr. Kroger ability to fight my case. He was able to dismiss my fines and penalties. I have never seen anyone work the Los Angeles court system Like Mr. Kroger. His experience and ease working with the courtroom was incredible. He has a great bedside manner I felt the stress lift as soon as I hired him. His staff is helpful friendly and efficient. He saved me thousands of dollars in fees and penalties. I feel so thankful and grateful that my case was dismissed. This could have only happened with a consummate professional.

– Rita

I Would Recommend This Firm to Anyone

I've called my share of attorney's and when I spoke to Buddy about my issue, he was really helpful and was able to answer my questions. When I came out to the office, he treated me with respect, and help me with my case. I don't want to go into details, but he was able to get my case drop. I've never had to call to see what was going on, buddy kept me up to date on my case, and I can't stop saying this again. He was very professional, and help me get through this stressful time. I would recommend this firm to anyone. Thank you so much!

– Frank C

The best.

My first time using an attorney Bill Kroger took care if my issue that could have turned into something much worse in no time. The best.

– Stephen W