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H.J. Domestic Violence - Dismissed

The client threw an Xbox controller at her boyfriend causing laceration to his face down to the bone. After many pretrial appearances, we set the case for trial; the case was dismissed on the day of trial as the prosecution was unable to proceed.

C.H Domestic Violence - Dismissed

The client gets in a fight with his girlfriend and ends up pulling her hair and punching her six to eight times in the face. After several court hearings, we were able to get the case dismissed right before trial as the victim was a reluctant witness, and the prosecution was unable to proceed.

A.M. Theft - Dismissed

The client stole several items of makeup from Macy's department store. With our help, we were able to get her into a pretrial diversion class and avoided any criminal charges being filed.

A.O. Domestic Violence - Dismissed

The client and her boyfriend argue while entirely drunk. She ends up scratching his face causing him to bleed. The police arrest her for domestic violence. Before filing the case, we discuss the case with the investigating detective and use the boyfriend's statements to persuade him not to file.

R.E. DUI - Dismissed

DUI arrest, client was puled over for DUI. Police stated that the probable cause was that he made an illegal left turn by not using his blinker. We argued that he was not required to use his blinker because he was leaving private property and thus not required by law. Case dismissed

G.S. Possession of Concealed Weapon - Dismissed

Arrested for possession of a loaded handgun in his vehicle. We argued the search was illegal. The officer testified that there were no registration tags on his car. We had an expert testify that there was a tag and he was able to pinpoint the date the tags were placed on the plate. He also testified that they were placed on the license plate and a knife was used to score the tags so they couldn't be removed. The case was dismissed. The police were caught in a lie and the judge reported them to the proper authorities.

P.M. Grand Theft of Gucci Products - Felony Dropped

PM was caught stealing over $35,000 worth of Gucci items from Nieman Marcus, using someone else's ID and having fake driver's license. She was charged with three Felonies, All Felony charges dropped and she ended up with community service and no restitution owed.

D.K. 220 Kilos of Cocaine - Not Guilty at Trial

Arrested for possessing 220 kilograms of cocaine in a secret compartment in his 18 wheeler. We argued that he did not have knowledge of the drugs.Two hung jury trials later, he was found not guilty on all counts and released from jail the next day.

A.E. Domestic Violence - Dismissed

Domestic violence, case dismissed. Arrested for assaulting his girlfriend. Being an active member of the armed forces, it was imperative that he not have any conviction on his record as he was a member of a special forces group that needed to carry a weapon. We were able to discuss the case with the prosecutor and have the case dismissed so he could continue serving his country

G.K. Hit and Run Causing Serious Injury - Dismissed

Hit and run causing serious injury, client hit two cars while in a blackout and left the location. We proactively contacted the investigating officers to show enough mitigating factors to have the case dismissed. Client's cased dismissed

P.J. Possession of Multiple Types of Drugs For Sale - Dismissed

One kilo methamphetamine, two pounds of marijuana, fentanyl and cocaine, case dismissed on an illegal search. The client was pulled over for having expired tags on his car. Through thorough investigations, we were able to track down a citizen who was on a ride along in the patrol vehicle, with his statements we were able to prove that the car's registration was not expired and that the cop lied in the report. Filing a motion to dismiss based on the illegal stop, and excluding the evidence that was obtained illegally - the case was dismissed.

A.A. Arson of a Commercial Building - Negotiated Dismissal

Felony Arson of a commercial building dismissed. Large scale marijuana grow caught fire. LAFD was called to put out the fire which burned the building significantly. Los Angeles Police narcotic enforcement called to the location. After several hours of negotiation, it was agreed that they would leave the marijuana in place and not make any arrest.

E.L.A. Court Concentrated Marijuana and Other Drugs for Sale - Dismissed

Arrested for multiple types of drugs for sale. He was stopped and searched for playing his music too loud in his car. We were able to prove that the loud music law, only applies on a public roadway. He was stopped while in a gas station. Case dismissed based on our motion to suppress the evidence, case dismissed

A.B. Gun at The Airport - Dismissed

Client forgot he had his gun on him when he was flying to Mexico. When he went through the metal detector TSA found the gun. He was arrested and missed his flight. We were able to get him out of jail so he could make the next flight and got the case dismissed.

A.P. Domestic Violence - Dismissed

Domestic violence case arrest for fighting with his girlfriend. Early intervention and persuasive negotiation allow the investigating officer to decide their evidence was not enough to file a case, case dismissed

A.P. Battery on Co-Habitant - Dismissed

Fight with girlfriend arrested by UCLA police for battery. Our client had a fight with his girlfriend at their dorm in UCLA. He was a mathematics major and was top of his class. Early intervention with UCLA police and the city attorney resulted in the charges being dismissed. – Case Dismissed

B.H. Sending Drugs in The Mail - Dismissed

Package stopped by FEDEX security and Homeland Security. Successfully intervened and was able to have case dropped.

T.K. Domestic Violence - Dismissed

Arrested for battery on girlfriend, he had a strike prior successfully intervened with the District Attorney and had charges dropped to a misdemeanor and then was able to have the City Attorney conduct a hearing, dismissing the case.

J.B. Robbery with a Handgun - Probation

J.B. used a gun to rob a person of their marijuana, after being charged with three felony charges including a strike and a gun enhancement, he was given probation and community labor. No jail time.

A.F. Sending Drugs Through the Mail - Dismissed

Caught sending controlled substances through FedEx by Santa Monica Police, case dismissed

J.M. Theft from a Beverly Hills Department Store - Dismissed

Arrested for stealing a $2000 jacket from a high - end store in Beverly Hills, Felony dropped case dismissed. We were able to show that our client had temporarily lost his moral compass and the case was dismissed.

P.R. Weapons Charge - Dismissed

Arrested for openly carrying a loaded Glock. The client was on his way to work but forgot he had his weapon in his belt. The cops walked into Subway as he was leaving, they arrested him for carrying a loaded weapon in public. Weapon's charge dismissed, Glock Returned.

D.H. Prostitution - Dismissed

Arrested for soliciting a prostitute in a sting operation, early intervention with the police results in no prosecution

B.H. Drugs Through the Mail - Dismissed

Stopped by Law Enforcement for shipping drugs through Post Office, he was watched by postal inspectors and used cash to pay. case dismissed

M.A. Manufacturing Butane Hash Oil - Dismissed

Building raided for operating a Butane Hash Oil manufacturer, early intervention results in no filing of criminal charges and equipment returned by the police.

A.K. Illegal Marijuana Store Raided by DEA and LAPD - Dismissed

Multiple buildings raided and multiple marijuana stores raided by DEA, early intervention results in no filing and return of property

T. S. Illegal Marijuana Store Raided - Dismissed

Marijuana store raided by gang and major narcotics squad of LAPD, arrested for felony charges, Case dismissed.

J.H. Illegal Marijuana Store and Grow - Dismissed

Marijuana store and grow facility raided by LAPD Olympic division, case dismissed after the search warrant was challenged. Case dismissed and client allowed to open a legal cannabis shop in Los Angeles

B.K. Transportation of Drugs by Long Haul Truck - Dismissed

300 pounds of marijuana located on long haul truck by LAPD Newton division, case dismissed after the search was challenged. The package that the marijuana was packaged in was smell proof thus the “plain view” exception to the warrant requirement was not met

A.H. Marijuana - Dismissed

Arrested for the cultivation of over 50 plants and multiple counts of marijuana sales. The marijuana was found to be medicinal and the case was dismissed.

S.R. Marijuana at The Airport on a Private Plane

Arrested with 132 pounds of marijuana at the airport. By intervening early in the case, it was tried in local court, not federal court. The client received probation.

S.D. Possession for Sale of Marijuana - Dismissed

Arrested in Nevada with 16 pounds of marijuana. We were able to reduce the sales and transportation charges to a charge of possession. The client received outpatient drug rehabilitation. The case was dismissed after one year and the completion of the program.

A.G. Large Quantity of Marijuana for Sale

Arrested for possession with the intent to sell 1,975 pounds of marijuana. The case was dismissed when it was successfully argued the search was illegal. The police stated tat there was exigent circumstances to enter a house to prevent the drugs from being destroyed, the court disagreed with their opinion and stated that it was an illegal search

S.G. Transportation of Marijuana in Nebraska

Arrested in Nebraska for the transportation and sale of 100 pounds of marijuana. We argued that the client was racially profiled. The prosecution somewhat agreed and reduced the charges to a single misdemeanor charge of possession and S.G. paid a fine of $1,000.

D.G. Sales of Concentrated Marijuana - Dismissed

Arrested for the transportation and sale of marijuana and hash on Santa Catalina Island. We argued the medical marijuana defense and the case was dismissed. The marijuana and hash were returned to our client.

C.R. Sales of Marijuana - Dismissed

Arrested in West Hollywood with 8 ounces of marijuana, over $8,000 in cash and a scale. The marijuana was found to be medicinal. The case was dismissed. The marijuana and cash were returned to the client

M.C. Manufacturing Butane Hash Oil - Dismissed

Arrested for manufacturing concentrated marijuana, possession and the sale of marijuana. The prosecution failed to present their case in a timely manner. We filed a motion for a speedy trial and the case was dismissed based on our motion for a speedy trial.

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