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Drug Crime Lawyer in Los Angeles, California

If you've been accused of a crime where drugs are involved, you may be facing hefty fines and lengthy jail times. Drug crimes range from simple possession of a controlled substance to large scale manufacturing and transportation of narcotics. It doesn't matter if you've been caught with one pill that wasn't prescribed to you or have been accused of causing a serious accident while under the influence of synthetic drugs, you need a dedicated criminal defense lawyer who understands that defending drug charges is different than other types of law.William Kroger - Drug Crime Lawyer

William Kroger - Drug Crime Lawyer

Hiring a Los Angeles drug crime lawyer is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. William Kroger and the Kroger Law Group have the extensive experience you can rely on to defend the charges against you and stand by your side until you reach the best result possible in your case. We understand how difficult it is to find the best drug lawyer in California, and we know you have plenty of options. That's why we offer a free, confidential consultation in our Beverly Hills office. Set up a meeting by calling 323-655-5700 or by messaging us today.

Understanding Drug Crime Laws in Los Angeles

California's drug laws are often confusing, and in general, it is hard to know what is illegal and what the penalties for the different charges are. Below are some examples of some substances considered illegal in California.

Controlled Substances in California

The penalties imposed will largely depend on the drug type and the amount, along with the criminal history of the defendant. Irrespective though, prosecutors in Los Angeles are especially aggressive in seeking punishment in drug cases, leading to long jail terms and heavy fines if the accused is not defended by an expert.

Who Needs a Drug Crime Attorney?

a. Young Adults and College Students

Young people are sometimes involved in such things as drugs or their possession, and they need to work with an expert Los Angeles drug possession lawyer. Why? Conviction for drug abuse can have a huge bearing on financial aid, education opportunities, and employment down the road.

b. Professionals

For any professional in any field, a drug charge can prove to be very destructive. Whether you are a doctor, teacher, or executive, it can put at risk the professional licenses and career.
Legal representation is an absolute must here. A Los Angeles drug crimes attorney would carry on these proceedings with an aim to lessen any blow that might occur to you in your professional capacity.

c. Noncitizens

For a noncitizen being charged criminally for drug crimes, this means there are other collateral issues, like deportation and disqualification from naturalization. A drug possession attorney Los Angeles could fashion a defense that takes into account these very different stakes.

d. The Family of the Accused

Considering drug offenses often involve children or minors, an entire family may be drawn into the proceedings. Families look to find competent legal representation to guide their loved one through the system, in the hope of averting an outcome that delivers punishment rather than an opportunity for rehabilitation. These family members would do well to type "drug possession lawyer near me" into their devices as a first step to getting started.

The Legal Expertise a Drug Crime Law Firm Offers

A drug possession attorney Los Angeles renders a full scope of legal services, adjusted to the case specifics related to drug abuse and trafficking. This includes but is not limited to:

a. Case Evaluation

Understanding the facts of the charge, giving advice regarding the best legal strategies.

b. Representation in Court

Defending clients in court appearances, hearings, and trials.

c. Negotiating Plea Deals

Negotiating with prosecuting attorneys for reduced charges or penalties if the defendant pleads guilty. Plea deals are often of vital importance to a client who would otherwise be at risk of receiving greater penalties following trial.

d. Post-Conviction Appeals and Relief

A drug possession lawyer Los Angeles has extensive experience in handling difficult and complex post-conviction appeals, seeking relief from wrongful conviction or unduly harsh sentences, including seeking expungement relief where such relief is available.

Key Benefits of Hiring a Drug Crime Attorney Los Angeles

Hiring a local Los Angeles drug crime attorney offers several advantages:

a. Knowledge of Local Laws and Courts

A Los Angeles drug possession lawyer has great knowledge of state and local regulations; most will have worked with the judges and prosecutors in Los Angeles for years.

b. Accessibility and support

Since the firm is based in Los Angeles, its attorneys would be easily accessible for face-to-face meetings that assure comfort and clear communication. They would also move faster than anyone else, should things in the case change or emergencies occur.

c. Ties to the Community

Local attorneys may have some ties to community programs and services in order to secure support for a case, such as drug rehabilitation programs that can be offered as part of a sentence agreement.

People Also Ask

Do first time drug offenders go to jail in California?

In California, most first-offense drug offenders have access to alternative sentencing options that will allow them not to spend time in jail. Most often, if their offense is simple possession and not more serious charges relating to distribution or trafficking, they will enter a drug diversion program that emphasizes rehabilitation.

What is a felony drug charge in California?

A felony drug charge in California, generally, is attached to a large quantity of drugs, indicates an intention to sell or distribute, or other aggravating factors such as possession of drugs in a school zone. Felony charges have quite drastic consequences attached to them, among which are imprisonment, huge fines, and the inevitable effect on an individual's criminal record.

How long does a drug felony stay on your record in California?

A drug felony can stay on your record for life in the state of California if it's not expunged. Most drug felonies do fall under the qualifications for expungement, assuming the person fulfills additional conditions, such as probation and not committing new criminal offenses.

Speak to a Drug Defense Attorney

Do not wait to contact us if you have an active case. Even though we have this resource, you should still take advantage of our offer for a free consultation about your case as soon as possible. Evidence and potential witnesses may be lost if you wait too long to begin the investigation of your case. It doesn't matter what time it is. Call our Los Angeles drug crime attorneys today at 323-655-5700 or message us now.

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