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Drug Possession

Drug possession in the state of California can carry charges that range from a misdemeanor to a felony. Amphetamines, depressants, pot, cocaine, heroin and prescription drugs (taken without a prescription) all fall under this umbrella.

Drug arrests, because of their frequency and because of the importance placed on them by law enforcement, prosecutors and politicians, are at the core of the criminal justice system. They're used to add additional charges or as a reason for enhanced punishment (if you're arrested with drugs in certain areas).

Arrest for drugs are the core of the criminal system. Possible penalties for possession include rehabilitation, jail or prison time and possibly fines. In many cases, first time drug offenders are sentenced to a drug rehab program, and if completed successfully, the case will be dismissed. However, repeated drug offenses can be used by prosecutors as a rationale for longer sentencing and longer prison time.

Defendants facing drug possession charges should know that prison is not their only possible punishment. Drug treatment is becoming more common, but retaining an experienced lawyer, like William Kroger and the Kroger Law Group, is essential to ensure you know what your options are.

Mr. Kroger understands the the need for rehabilitation and not punishment. As an experienced drug possession attorney in Los Angeles, he's witnessed first-hand as jails fill up with people whose only crime is drug possession. This is why he makes every possible effort to keep his clients out of jail and in a treatment program.

Mr. Kroger has handled drug possession cases in every court in Los Angeles. He will make sure you understand what your rights are and will ensure that you are treated fairly by everyone involved.

Some defense attorneys made their name as prosecutors. With the high profile nature of drug cases, it's a near-certainty many of these former prosecutors were responsible for incarcerating people in a similar situation that you're in. As criminal attorneys, they are now defending the same kinds of people they once put into jail.

Mr. Kroger and his legal team have never worked for, and have no interest in working on behalf of prosecutors or law enforcement. They are interested in dedicating their careers and practices to 100 percent pure criminal defense. He and his team are dedicated to mounting the best legal defense possible for all their clients.

If you feel that you may be arrested for drug possession, contact William Kroger or the Kroger Law Group as soon as possible. He'll fight to make sure you get the help you need, ensure you have the best legal defense possible and that you're treated fairly.

Drug Possession Laws

As a criminal attorney with a successful track record of representing my clients, I am very familiar with drug law and drug possession laws and how they apply to your particular case and situation.

Though medical marijuana is legal in California, law enforcement agencies have been known to arrest patients and dispensary operators and their employees for possessing medicine that is legal.

The Drug Enforcement Agency and other arms of federal law enforcement do not recognize the legitimacy of California's medical marijuana laws despite being voted into law by referendum in 1996. In either case, a drug lawyer experienced in drug possession laws is often necessary to ensure law enforcement respects your rights.

Through my experience as a drug crime attorney, I have been able to not only help judges and juries see that my clients are not guilty, but in some cases ensure that what was seized from them is returned to them through my experience as a possession lawyer. (Not all court outcomes are the same, however, and every case is unique.)

I pride myself in being completely, totally and 100 percent defense-oriented. I have never worked for law enforcement or investigated anyone on behalf of the government. I have dedicated my professional career to criminal defense and as a drug possession attorney.

As contradictory as it seems, it's not unknown for a drug possession lawyer to come into that line of work after a career of putting the same people who are now they're clients in jail. They are accomplished prosecutors who have worked to put people in a similar situation in prison.

However, I feel that being a drug charges attorney requires a separate mindset that is distinct from someone who has worked for or with law enforcement. Everyone deserves a lawyer who is dedicated to their — and only their — defense.

If you've been arrested for drug possession or feel that you may be in danger of running afoul of the law because of your medical marijuana prescription or other drug-related possession charges, seeking guidance from a drug defense lawyer is crucial.

My law office, staffed with expert criminal attorneys and myself, will offer expert legal advice inside and outside of the courtroom. If you have been charged, we will help you receive justice, mount a vigorous defense and ensure your trial is fair.

There are no substitutes for your legal matters than myself and my law office.

Give me a call and let me look into your situation. Any information you share is confidential. I'll be able to quickly know where you stand.

Remember — the sooner you call, the sooner you'll know what your options are! Call me today at 323-655-5700, or email me. Don't be one of those people who imagines the worst and wait until it's too late. You have legal rights — contact me and I'll ensure you understand them and that law enforcement and the courts respect them!

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"I would highly recommend Mr. Kroger for anyone seeking help in a drug case. He was very helpful at putting me at ease and took care of everything for me in court." Paul
"My first time using an attorney Bill Kroger took care if my issue that could have turned into something much worse in no time. The best." Stephen W
Bill and his team have helped my business tremendously. Friendly and easy to work with. Highly recommend! Ammar