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What to Know About CCW Permits in California

A CCW Permit can make you feel safer in public and gives you the option to defend yourself at all times. It’s also a huge responsibility and requires you to know the laws regarding when you can and cannot use your firearm. In California, and Los Angeles specifically, laws are extremely strict around the use of firearms in public.

What Is a CCW Permit?

A CCW permit is a concealed carry permit and allows a person to legally carry a firearm on their person when in public. These people must undergo training and be evaluated to enjoy this privilege. If you are interested in obtaining a California CCW, see here.

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What Can I Do With a CCW Permit?

A CCW Permit allows you to:

  • Carry a pistol, revolver, or other concealable firearm legally registered in your name
  • Carry a firearm either unloaded or loaded

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What Can’t I Do With a CCW Permit?
  • Withdraw, exhibit, or use a firearm in a threatening or angry manner
    • The only exception to this is in a self-defense scenario where you can prove that you truly felt that your life was being threatened. Find out more here
  • Carry firearms that are not explicitly covered by your CCW Permit
  • Carry firearms in areas, such as private property, where guns are not allowed.
    • These include state or local public buildings or CA State Parks
  • Fly with a firearm on your person
    • Find out more about flying with a firearm here

The bottom line is that you are not exempt from any laws regarding firearms if you have a CCW Permit. A permit simply allows you to carry a firearm, and nothing further. You can and will be prosecuted if you take out or use your firearm unlawfully. If you decide to use your firearm, be confident that it is a life or death situation, or the consequences can be severe.

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Where Else Is My CCW Permit valid?

Some states offer reciprocity, meaning that if your permit is valid in another state, it is also valid in that state. It is best to check the local laws of the place you are traveling to find out if a California CCW permit will be honored there.

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If I Already Have a CCW Permit, Is It Valid in California?

California does not offer reciprocity for permits obtained in other states. If you have a valid CCW Permit from another state, it will not be honored in California.

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