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Traffic Attorney Los Angeles - Ticket Lawyer LA

Traffic Tickets You might think that hiring a lawyer to fight a simple traffic ticket is overkill, but oftentimes we see that drivers who choose to represent themselves in court end up with some very disastrous results. A traffic attorney in Los Angeles or surrounding counties can help you fight your pricy ticket and prevent you from getting points on your driving record. Oftentimes we can also help you get the case dismissed and the ticket thrown out. If you received a traffic ticket you want to contest, give the Law Offices of William Kroger a call at (323) 435-6045.

Los Angeles Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets in Los Angels are far from cheap. If you think the amount written on the ticket seems reasonable and it might be easier to just pay it, don't forget that California law adds a 20 percent surcharge and other additional fees to that base amount. On top of that, you will also be dealing with an increase to your car insurance. Life in Los Angeles is already expensive enough as it is. If you receive a traffic citation, contact our skilled traffic violation lawyers at Kroger Law Group. We can help you fight your ticket and prevent you from getting points on your driving record.

Fines For A Traffic Ticket In California

Fines for a traffic ticket depend on the offense, as well as your record and your age. After you receive a ticket you can plead guilty, or no contest, and pay it. This means that you also have to pay for the costs of traffic school. You are also risking adding points to your driving record-depending on the ticket.

But if you feel like the ticket was unjust you can plead not guilty and fight it with the help of a traffic ticket lawyer. At Kroger Law Group we get tickets dismissed everyday. Most people don't have the time to take time off work and deal with fighting a traffic ticket, which is why the state of California gets such a high revenue from traffic citations. But with us you don't have to worry about that, as we'll do all the work for you while you focus on more important things.

The Type Of Tickets We Handle

We handle every type of traffic ticket including:

  • DUIs
  • Speeding tickets
  • Red light tickets
  • Stop sign tickets
  • Illegal turn tickets
  • Lane violation tickets
  • School bus violation tickets
  • Improper signaling tickets
  • One way violation tickets
  • Unsafe passing violation tickets
  • Cell Phone/Texting tickets
  • Suspended License tickets
  • Reckless driving tickets
  • All Fix-it tickets
  • And every other moving violation
Los Angeles Traffic Tickets:

In Los Angeles, a speeding ticket can escalate quickly with surcharges and insurance hikes. Instead of settling the fine, consult with a speeding ticket lawyer Los Angeles residents rely on. Kroger Law Group excels in preventing points on your driving record and championing for your ticket's dismissal.

Fines For A Traffic Ticket In California:

Confronting a speeding ticket in California's complex legal system can be overwhelming. Engage a speeding ticket lawyer Los Angeles counts on, like Kroger Law Group, for a robust defense aimed at dismissing or reducing your ticket. Preserve your driving record and avoid the financial burden with our dedicated support.Contest Your Traffic Ticket With An Experienced Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Attorney

Did you know that you don't have to pay your traffic ticket? You have every right to contest it. Even the safest drivers can find themselves in a situation of being pulled over by the police and given a traffic citation. If you received a traffic ticket and you don't want to pay it or suffer points being added to your record, give our Los Angeles Traffic Attorneys a call at (323) 435-6045.

We get tickets dismissed or reduced every single day. Nobody wants the stress of fighting a ticket on their own, which requires them to lose money by taking time off work to go to court. At Kroger Law Group we understand that a small traffic ticket can impact your life in many negative ways and we fight hard to not let that happen. If you received a traffic ticket or any type of traffic citation in Los Angeles, call the Law Offices of William Kroger at (323) 435-6045 for a free consultation.

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