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Drug Trafficking Attorney


  • Transportation of Narcotics.

Offense Level

  • Felony in virtually all cases.
  • In a few instances, transporting a small amount of marijuana designated for personal use can be a misdemeanor.


  • For a marijuana transportation misdemeanor, up to one year in county jail.
  • Felony transportation offenses range from 16 months to 4 years incarceration depending on the drug and the quantity.

Drug Transportation Law Enforcement/Prosecution

Transporting drugs, especially in large quantities, will bring the attention of state and federal law enforcement to your doorstep. Like drug possession and drug dealing, facing drug trafficking charges is very serious.

Local, state and federal law enforcement dedicate entire divisions and agencies to policing drugs, as well as cultivating prosecutors who primarily try drug cases. Increased technology has allowed law enforcement to “follow” suspected drug traffickers remotely with GPS, monitored cellular phones, computers and personal devices and tracking of internet search history.

Additionally, there is an emphasis by law enforcement to seize money, property and vehicles thought to be obtained through the proceeds from drug sales. This process is separate from the criminal prosecution and often disregards the due process rights found in criminal court.

These seized items are divvied up among law enforcement for department funding and seized contraband is often used in future sting operations against other suspected drug traffickers.

Our Experience

Drug trafficking charges require the attention of an experienced criminal defense lawyer, like William Kroger and the Kroger Law Group. The seriousness of drug trafficking, and all drug crimes, require an attorney who not only knows criminal law, but drug law specifically. A practicing attorney since 1997, Mr. Kroger has represented clients in many drug trafficking cases, and has been able to win their freedom in addition to having their money, property and drugs that were seized by law enforcement returned (on some occasions.

William Kroger is an advocate of rehabilitation, instead of punishment in all drug cases. In many instances, Mr. Kroger is able to work out a treatment option for clients that were initially facing prison time.

Example Case

In 2010, Mr. Kroger and his team represented a defendant charged with transporting five pounds of marijuana from northern California to Southern California. The client was stopped and arrested by law enforcement in Ventura County, a notoriously harsh jurisdiction. Mr. Kroger's team earned a full dismissal of the case.


Mr. Kroger understands that being entangled in drug trafficking can be an indicator of a bigger drug problem. Mr. Kroger advocates treatment, instead of punishment, and will always argue for rehabilitation for clients who have a problem with drugs. You need an attorney that has the experience in handling drug transportation cases and can ensure that your life isn't upended by a transportation arrest.

Client Reviews

"I would highly recommend Mr. Kroger for anyone seeking help in a drug case. He was very helpful at putting me at ease and took care of everything for me in court." Paul
"My first time using an attorney Bill Kroger took care if my issue that could have turned into something much worse in no time. The best." Stephen W
Bill and his team have helped my business tremendously. Friendly and easy to work with. Highly recommend! Ammar