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Sex Crimes

The Definition of Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes Sex crimes as defined by law are a category of crimes that involve illegal or coerced sexual conduct to another individual. There is a statute of limitations that differs from one state to another, in California the crimes that are being alleged must be brought and filed within a 10 year time period.

In a sex crime case if the offender is convicted it comes with the permanent label of being a “sex offender”. What this means is that in their respective state the offender’s name is added to the state and federal registry for sex offenders.

There are a variety of different kinds of sex crimes that come with a variety of consequences and judicial punishments:

  • Prostitution- The act of prostitution is defined as the engagement or offering of sexual acts in exchange for payment
  • Rape- The act of forcing non-consensual intercourse with another individual using threats, force, or other aggressive tactics.
    • Statutory Rape- This is a crime committed when two people engage in sexual acts and one of the participants falls outside the definition of a consenting adult.
  • Sexual Assault- The act of unwanted sexual contact; fondling, touching, or kissing.
  • Indecent Exposure- The exposure of genitalia in public

These are all examples of situations that would be brought to charge at a state level. In some circumstances, sex crimes will meet a federal level of prosecution. Most sex crimes involving children are brought to a federal, as well as situations that are labeled as an “aggravated” crime.

A few examples of federal sex crimes are:

  • The sexual or rape of a child
  • Child pornography
  • Sexual trafficking/sale of a child for sexual purposes
  • Situations that involve a child that is being exploited in a sexual manner
  • Aggravated sexual abuse, or abuse that results in the death of the victim
  • Traveling to another state to commit sexual abuse

Sex crimes have several different factors that are weighed and considered when putting forth a case. They are very sensitive in nature and as such evidence and case building is crucial when proving guilt or innocence.

Penal Codes

Sex crimes in California fall under the penal code 801.1. The penal code specifies the statute of limitations for the crime having to be filed within 10 years of it being committed, or before the victim’s 40th birthday in the event that the victim was underage when the offense took place.

The penal code gives a legal reference point to everything mentioned above and is used to document and develop a defense for your set of circumstances.

Consequences of Sex Crimes

The conviction of a sex crime comes with a broad array of consequences. The consequences fall heavily in line with the act that has been committed, and the severity of said act.

Punishment for rape can carry a three to eight-year year jail sentence. The factor of age attributes heavily toward how rape is defined, as well as the punishment associated with the action.

Sexual assault/battery is a crime that if convicted can result in imprisonment or varied sentences between one and four years in a county or state jail. A fine can also be assigned to the offender in the amount of $10,000.

Internet crimes and the exploitation of minors can result in a fine of up to $2,000 as well as a prison sentence.

Federal conviction of a sex crime is another situation entirely, and they normally come with minimum-maximum sentencing, along with fines and social restrictions. Additionally, the conviction of a federal charge in the realm of sex crimes comes with a tier system with regard to how long an individual must report their status as an offender. 

Engage With an Experienced Los Angeles Defense Attorney

Sex crimes are an incredibly sensitive legal process. The need for an effective defense is at its highest stakes in situations such as these. If you have been accused of acts involving this level of criminal behavior it’s essential to acquire the best possible defense to protect your rights and tell your story. Your future can very well depend on the result of a situation such as this.

With over 20 years of legal experience, William Kroger will take your circumstances and help discover the best possible defense to protect your name. Being accused of these kinds of crimes can bring unimaginable stress, which is exactly why you need a professional to help guide and overcome the hurdles that are in the near future. 

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