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White-Collar Crimes

  • White-Collar Crime
Offense Level
  • Misdemeanor or Felony
  • All over the board
  • State cases usually bring lighter sentences
  • A federal white collar conviction could mean life in prison
White-Collar Law Enforcement/Prosecution

When most people think about crime, the first things that usually come to mind are murders, bank robberies or drugs. However, there's also a broad range of crimes that are non-violent and usually involve public officials or business people — white-collar crimes. Some of the crimes that fall under this umbrella include blackmail, larceny, bribery, fraud, embezzlement, racketeering and identity theft.

White collar crime has taken center stage with law enforcement since the economy downturned in 2007. What was once largely overlooked by law enforcement and prosecutors as “victimless crime” has become a focal point for investigators. As blue collar workers and everyday investors lost their life savings to bankers, brokers and CEO, law enforcement began going after seemingly untouchable defendants. And those defendants are getting sent to prison for a long time. From Martha Stewart to Bernie Madoff, prison time has become a very real probability in these cases.

Our Experience as White-Collar Criminal Defense Attorneys in Los Angeles

More than any other type of case, a conviction for a white-collar crime also brings with it astronomical financial penalties. Along with a felony conviction and prison time, a defendant can also expect to be burdened by a fine or restitution order in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Securing a white-collar criminal lawyer with years of experience in defense like William Kroger is vital in these cases because of the priority that's placed on these charges. Law enforcement and prosecutors take these crimes very seriously. Mr. Kroger and his firm are completely dedicated to your defense. Other white-collar criminal lawyers were former prosecutors, and are often very proud of their accomplishments when it comes to putting people in jail — people who are in a similar situation as you.

Contacting Mr. Kroger's team early is vitally important. The earlier on in an investigation that you have top-notch representation, the better the outcome will be. White-collar cases are built by law enforcement over months or years. As soon as you suspect that you are under investigation, you need the advice of Mr. Kroger. It will shape how your next decade unfolds.

Example Case

In 2011, Mr. Kroger represented a physician accused of Medicare fraud on a large-scale basis over a number of years. Mr. Kroger was able to keep the physician out of prison despite a federal indictment.


The FBI, IRS and joint law enforcement task forces are investigating all types of people for wide variety of white collar crime. When they are looking at you, you need an experienced attorney to fight back against these powerful forces. Call us today.

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