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Recent Case Results

  • R.S.

    arrested for cultivating 500 plus marijuana plants in Riverside, early intervention with the Riverside Sheriffs's Department results in no charges being filed Read On

  • I.J.

    arrested for having a weapon in public, case dismissed and gun returned to client Read On

  • N.B.

    arrested for a misdemeanor driving with no license case was dismissed Read On

  • P.R. Weapons charge dismissed

    Arrested for openly carrying a loaded Glock, weapon's charge dismissed, Glock returned. Read On

  • R.E.

    arrested for DUI, after motion to suppress the stop the case was dismissed by the court. Read On

  • A.E.

    arrested for operating an illegal medical marijuana shop, case dismissed. Read On

  • D.C.

    arrested for spousal abuse and battery of his girlfriend, early intervention resulted in no case filing Read On

  • D.H.

    arrested for soliciting a prostitute in a sting operation, early intervention with the police results in no prosecution Read On

  • J.J.

    felony hit and run causing injury, early intervention with LAPD detectives results in no filing by the DA Read On

  • M.E.

    arrested for operating an illegal marijuana dispensary, case dismissed. Read On

  • B.H.

    stopped by Law Enforcement for shipping drugs through Post Office, case dismissed Read On

  • S.C.

    arrested for sales and transportation of a controlled substance, Case dismissed. Read On

  • M.A.

    building raided for operating a Butane Hash Oil manufacturer, early intervention results in no filing of criminal charges Read On

  • A.K.

    multiple buildings raided and multiple marijuana stores raided by DEA, early intervention results in no filing and return of property Read On

  • T. S.

    marijuana store raided by gang and major narcotics squad of LAPD, arrested for felony charges, Case dismissed. Read On

  • J.H.

    marijuana store and grow facility raided by LAPD Olympic division, case dismissed Read On

  • B.K.

    300 pounds of marijuana located on long haul truck by LAPD Newton division, case dismissed. Read On

  • A.V.

    arrested for growing hundreds of plants as well as multiple counts of marijuana sales. The charges were reduced to a charge of disturbing the peace. A.V.'s sentence was 200 hours of community service. Read On

  • A.H.

    arrested for the cultivation of over 50 plants and multiple counts of marijuana sales. The marijuana was found to be medicinal and the case was dismissed. Read On

  • S.R.

    arrested with 132 pounds of marijuana at the airport. By intervening early in the case, it was tried in local court, not federal court. The client received probation. Read On

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