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Recent Case Results

  • J.B.

    J.B. used a gun to rob a person of their marijuana, after being charged with three felony charges including a strike and a gun enhancement, he was given probation and community labor.    No jail time. Read On

  • P.M.

    PM was caught stealing over $35,000 worth of items from Nieman Marcus, using someone else's ID and having fake driver's license.  She was charged with three Felonies,  All Felony charges dropped and she ended up with community service and no restitution owed. Read On

  • A.E.

    domestic violence, case dismissed Read On

  • G.K.

    Hit and run causing serious injury, case dismissed Read On

  • B.W.

    one kilo methamphetamine, two pounds of marijuana, fentanyl and cocaine,  case dismissed on illegal search Read On

  • A. A,

    Arson dismissed Read On

  • Y.M.

    assault and battery, case dismissed Read On

  • C.S.

    credit card theft, case dismissed Read On

  • A.P.

    Domestic violence, case dismissed Read On

  • D.K.

    prostitution, case dismissed Read On

  • C.F.

    Assaulted girlfriend & vandalized personal property -Case Dismissed Read On

  • T.S.

    Had fight with boyfriend arrested for battery -Case Dismissed Read On

  • A.P.

    Fight with girlfriend arrested by UCLA police for battery – Case Dismissed Read On

  • A.E.

    Fight with wife who ended up with injuries in the hospital -Case dismissed after completion of anger management classes. Read On

  • M.H.

    3,132 marijuana plants in an illegal marijuana grow.  Case Dismissed. Read On

  • B.H.

    package stopped by FEDEX security and Homeland Security. Successfully intervened and was able to have case dropped. Read On

  • T.K.

    arrested for battery on girlfriend, he had a strike prior successfully intervened with the District Attorney and had charges dropped to a misdemeanor and then was able to have the City Attorney conduct a hearing, dismissing the case. Read On

  • A.F.

    caught sending controlled substances through Fedex by Santa Monica Police, case dismissed Read On

  • D.K.

    arrested for possessing 220 kilograms of cocaine in a secret compartment in his 18 wheeler. Two hung jury trials later, he was found not guilty on all counts and released from jail the next day. Read On

  • J.M.

    arrested for stealing a $2000 jacket from a high end store in Beverly Hills, Felony dropped case dismissed Read On

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