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Recent Case Results

  • G.K.

    Hit and run causing serious injury, case dismissed Read On

  • B.W.

    one kilo methamphetamine, two pounds of marijuana, fentanyl and cocaine,  case dismissed on illegal search Read On

  • C.C.

    possession of drugs, case dismissed Read On

  • Y.M.

    assault and battery, case dismissed Read On

  • C.S.

    credit card theft, case dismissed Read On

  • A.P.

    Domestic violence, case dismissed Read On

  • A.E.

    domestic violence, case dismissed Read On

  • D.K.

    prostitution, case dismissed Read On

  • C.F.

    Assaulted girlfriend & vandalized personal property -Case Dismissed Read On

  • T.S.

    Had fight with boyfriend arrested for battery -Case Dismissed Read On

  • A.P.

    Fight with girlfriend arrested by UCLA police for battery – Case Dismissed Read On

  • A.E.

    Fight with wife who ended up with injuries in the hospital -Case dismissed after completion of anger management classes. Read On

  • M.H.

    3,132 marijuana plants in an illegal marijuana grow.  Case Dismissed. Read On

  • B.H.

    package stopped by FEDEX security and Homeland Security. Successfully intervened and was able to have case dropped. Read On

  • T.K.

    arrested for battery on girlfriend, he had a strike prior successfully intervened with the District Attorney and had charges dropped to a misdemeanor and then was able to have the City Attorney conduct a hearing, dismissing the case. Read On

  • A.F.

    caught sending controlled substances through Fedex by Santa Monica Police, case dismissed Read On

  • D.K.

    arrested for possessing 220 kilograms of cocaine in a secret compartment in his 18 wheeler. Two hung jury trials later, he was found not guilty on all counts and released from jail the next day. Read On

  • J.M.

    arrested for stealing a $2000 jacket from a high end store in Beverly Hills, Felony dropped case dismissed Read On

  • R.S.

    arrested for cultivating 500 plus marijuana plants in Riverside, early intervention with the Riverside Sheriffs's Department results in no charges being filed Read On

  • I.J.

    arrested for having a weapon in public, case dismissed and gun returned to client Read On

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