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Why It’s More Important Now than Ever to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

Apr 04, 2017. By William Kroger

When you are charged of a crime, you may be aware of how important it is to hire a criminal defense attorney to fight for your rights. A criminal defense lawyer will represent you in court and find you the best chance at winning your case, possibly reducing your sentence, or even having your charges dismissed. They know the ins and outs of the legal system, and have defended many others in your place before. Their experience will aid you exponentially in giving you a better chance at protecting your rights.

It can be argued that it's now more important than ever to seek help from a criminal defense lawyer as soon as you find out you may be charged with a crime. With the advancement of new forensic tools that may make it difficult and more complicated for you to truly understand the arguments against you, you need the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can give you a clear comprehension of your case.

Forensic Tools Are Becoming More Advanced

In many criminal cases, charges are brought against you with forensic evidence. With the advancements of these tools, it may be difficult for you to get a reduced sentence or a dismissed case. Some of the most common tools that are meant to help in the legal process may actually work against you. Here are some forensic tools used in criminal defense cases that you need to know more about.

Fingerprint Analysis

In trying to solve a crime, one of the most common forensic analyses used is fingerprinting. Fingerprints are found on any surface, including the human body. In some cases, fingerprints are not even visible. They're formed when dirt, ink, or another substance transfers from a finger or thumb to a surface. They can also be formed when a person's natural oil or sweat is deposited onto a surface.

When prints are not clearly visible, forensics analysts can use a special type of powder or chemical reagents to make the prints show up. Sometimes, shining a special light on a surface will reveal fingerprints as well.

However, this method is not always accurate, as fingerprints can come from any sort of activity and may not be related to the specific crime. Some studies have even argued that fingerprints are not unique to each person. It is also possible that as people age, their fingerprints change due to pressure applied on their skin or general growth.

Trace Evidence

Trace evidence is anything found at crime scenes that can cling to the defendant's clothes or person. This includes clothing fibers, deposits of soil, paint, and anything that can be dropped or left behind. The forensics team will match the evidence left behind to what is found on the defendant's body or clothes. In the case of paint, for example, chips of paint that might have been scraped off a building at the scene of the crime and left on the person's body might be an accurate piece of evidence. However this method is not very accurate and hasn't been researched enough to provide a conclusive solution.

Biological Evidence

Sometimes at the scene of a crime, blood or other biological substances are left behind. Blood is not always visible, especially if the area has been cleaned. However, forensics analysts have special chemicals that change colors when detecting blood. Hair samples are another example of biological evidence that can trace DNA back to who might have been at the scene of the crime.

While hair and blood samples used to be considered one of the most accurate types of forensic evidences, research has shown that using hair may be inaccurate. Strong evidence of DNA and other sources that you were at the scene of the crime is necessary to prove anything conclusive.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

With the advancement of forensic technology and methods, it is now more risky than ever to try to defend yourself without a criminal defense attorney on your side. The scariest part about the legal process is that it can get out of hand when you least expect it. The criminal defense system is complicated, and there are many aspects to your case that you may not realize.

Hiring a criminal defense attorney not only eases your mind, but will help give you a winning chance. A lawyer will represent you in court so that you can rest assured your best chance of winning is being taken care of. A lawyer handles all evidence, talks to witnesses, and negotiates any sort of plea bargain or other deal. They will provide you with invaluable advice.

William Kroger offers free consultations to give you the best assessment of your case. Talking to an attorney will give you a better understanding of what to do next, and won't do your case any harm. Give William Kroger a call today to find out how they can best defend your rights.

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