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Internet Crimes: What Are They and How Can a Criminal Lawyer Help Defend You or a Loved One?

Many internet crimes are a recent addition to the list of non-violent felonies. There are various internet crimes, including cyberstalking, identity theft, and hacking. If you or a loved one has been accused of committing an internet crime, a criminal lawyer can help defend against these charges. 

Examples of Internet Crimes

The state of California classifies illegal activities that you commit online as internet crimes. Here are several forms of internet crimes:

Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying

Cyberstalking and cyberbullying is a term used to describe harassment that occurs online. Threats inflicted through digital channels that cause someone to fear for their safety or harassment that results in psychological harm can be charged as cyberstalking, as referenced by penal codes 646.9 and 653.2.


Gaining unauthorized access to computer systems, databases, or networks to cause damage or steal information is considered hacking. Accessing someone's electronic devices or accounts without permission may also be considered hacking. This is a frequently committed form of internet crime.

Identity Theft

Many actions can constitute identity theft under California law. Identity theft may include using another person's credit or debit card without permission, using someone's email address, or falsely impersonating another person.

Nonconsensual Pornography & Child Pornography

Two types of pornography can lead to criminal charges in California: nonconsensual pornography (otherwise called revenge porn) and child pornography.

Nonconsensual pornography, or revenge porn, is defined as pornography distributed without the victim's permission. If the victim was not aware that you were filming the sexual activity in the first place, your actions could be considered an invasion of privacy, which is a different classification of crime.

Child pornography is a broad term to include any material showing sexual acts or images of a person who is younger than the age of 18. Sending, duplicating, possessing, and producing child pornography can all be tried under California Penal Code § 311.11.

Online Fraud

Fraud committed online, such as investment fraud, is illegal in the state of California. Schemes created to deceive individuals for financial gain or sensitive information, such as login credentials, can be tried in California.

How a Criminal Lawyer Can Defend Against Internet Crime Charges

Kroger Law Group is familiar with internet crimes. If someone is accusing you of committing an internet crime, our law firm can provide you with the following:

Legal Knowledge & Expertise

Our lawyers at Kroger Law Group possess in-depth knowledge of internet crimes and have experience building strong defense strategies against these specific charges. With previous experience with internet crime charges, we are prepared for a trial or plea.

Negotiating Plea Bargains & Building a Strong Defense

When a court accuses you of committing a crime, you can either take a plea bargain (plead guilty), or you can go to trial. Your lawyer can help advise you on what to do in either scenario based on their professional experience and opinion. If you choose a plea bargain, you may be able to reduce the charges or penalties brought against you. If you go to trial, they can craft a compelling defense to possibly reduce your sentence or secure an acquittal.

Contact Kroger Law Group for a Free Consultation

Internet crimes may require a strategic and informed approach to defense due to their complex nature. Kroger Law Group can provide you with a skilled criminal lawyer with knowledge and experience specifically related to internet crimes. Your lawyer can fight for your rights and work for the most favorable outcome possible. To discuss your case, contact Kroger Law Group today.

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