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Bottom line is thank you Mr. Kroger and you are the best!!

William Kroger. I cannot express our family's appreciation enough for what Mr. Kroger has done. He amazes me with his honest to the point conversations held in his office. He has a way of comforting you and relieving the stress that comes with a legal matter. We have retained Mr. Kroger on multiple occasions and have gotten to know him and respect his knowledge and experience with the legal system. I am always amazed with the professional manner he handles himself in the courtroom.

Mr. Kroger has a way to stand out in the crowd and with his confidence in the court of law, he gains the respect of his fellow attorneys along with the Judges. Mr. Kroger is a criminal defense lawyer although our family was involved with a terrible civil case and he took it on. My understanding this is not something he usually does. Words cannot express how much he has done for us. Without getting into specifics, he has defended our family where the outcome could have been much worse than it did. I don't know if he realizes this but he has been a big influence for a specific member of our family. Before I end, I must bring up the fact that he actually travel to northern California to represent a family member.

This to me is something you will not find often, and reflects his loyalty to his clients. Thank you Mr. Kroger and your whole staff for being there for us. I would suggest to anyone who requires the best of a defense attorney to contact his office for his legal services. I could go on forever writing about how much he has supported us, but the bottom line is thank you Mr. Kroger and you are the best!! You have changed his life!!

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