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Music Festival Arrests: Drug Possession and More

Los Angeles. Thousands are drawn every year to this boisterous mecca to enjoy this hub of entertainment and cultural expression. Yet, between the lines of fun and excitement is a darker reality for some festival goers. Arrests for small drug possessions, DUIs, and minors in possession of alcohol are not uncommon. All these come to blur what should be some of the best memories. The aftermath of such an arrest can be overwhelming—understandably a cause for confusion and fear. Rightfully so, as it goes without saying that these charges in question are of a very grave nature—they could have tremendous repercussions for a person’s life and career.

In the face of these legal challenges, the support of a seasoned criminal defense attorney becomes invaluable. Legal representation can walk you through the maze of the justice system, giving some light and hope. Not only can an attorney manage to potentially reduce the charges or argue for a dismissal, but in many cases, they can manage the proceedings in such a way that it may not require the physical presence of the accused before the court.

If you or a loved one has been arrested at a festival, keep reading. In this article, we unveil the way forward—illuminating the steps to take when faced with such predicaments.

Minor in Possession of Alcohol

Getting caught red-handed as a minor in possession of alcohol (or as a minor in possession of fake ID, or both), at a festival isn't just a small inconvenience; it's actually a misdemeanor complete with fines, community service, and a mark on your permanent record. In addition to those, if convicted, their drivers license would also be suspended for a year. These apply to a minor in possession of alcohol first offense. For second or repeat offenders, they get to do longer community service, as well as pay higher fines.

California law is among the tighter ones, and the crackdown on underage drinking aims to bring down alcohol-related incidents among youths. For any minor found with alcohol in public places, especially at the venue of a musical festival, it spells immediate legal action upon them.

So, what to do in an instance like this? There is no other more important function than that of a DUI lawyer in such scenarios. He (or she) may argue for leniency, ask for an alternative lesser conviction, or point out some legal loopholes in the minor's detention and charge of alcohol possession. A good Los Angeles CA criminal defense attorney would help safeguard the future of the accused, such that they don't have educational opportunities or career aspirations shattered from making one mistake during their teenage years.

Drug Possession at Music Festivals

Just as is the case with minors and alcohol, anyone who gets arrested for drugs—for example, marijuana possession (over an ounce) and sales—at Coachella or similar events will face at least detainment as an immediate consequence. This initial detainment will very likely lead to more severe charges differing in degrees based on quantity and substance. Here too, the expertise of a specialist Coachella criminal defense attorney is indispensable. Skilled drugs arrest lawyers employ various defense strategies, from challenging the legality of search and seizure that led to discovery in case of drugs, to plea deals through negotiation, which may reduce either the charges or penalties. The court may even throw out the case in totality if it is proven that there were no proper protocols observed during the arrest.

Arrested for DUI After a Music Festival

If you do get pulled over on the suspicion of DUI while leaving (or after leaving) a music festival in Los Angeles, this situation does demand very delicate handling. While you do have a right to remain silent—and you should—if detained, you will be put through the whole set of legal processes. These range from taking a series of field sobriety tests to breathalyzer tests and possible arrest. The consequences of a DUI arrest could mean very expensive fines, suspension of your driver's license, required attendance of DUI education programs, and even jail time. For festival-goers, this could literally mean what was supposed to be a night to remember turns into many months or even years of serious legal and financial struggles.

Here, you will need an experienced DUI lawyer who understands the California legal terrain well. For example, if you were arrested in San Bernardino, getting a criminal defense attorney San Bernardino, will help. Local attorneys definitely know the ins and outs of local DUI charges and will be able to help present a solid defense that could get the penalties reduced. They may also be able to evaluate if some lesser, alternative sentencing may be available. Their expertise is indispensable—especially when trying to mitigate the long-term impacts of a DUI arrest on your personal and professional life.

Underage DUI

For a minor with a DUI, they have additional penalties and long-term consequences. California law is very harsh, with the state literally having a no-tolerance policy for the act of drinking and driving by minors. The legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit for drivers under 21 is pegged at 0.01%—an amount which does not have enough potency to even intoxicate most individuals.

Underage DUI charges carry an immediate loss of the driver's license for one year. There are also fines, community service, and DUI education programs that you may have to attend. Second time and repeat offenders face a possible jail term in addition to other penalties.


What happens if you get arrested at Coachella?

Being caught at Coachella, with drugs in your possession, will most likely result in instant arrest and subsequent pressing of charges. The exact nature of the case will depend on the type and quantity of drugs recovered.

Can you get arrested with drugs at a festival?

It is possible to get busted for possession of drugs at a festival. Music festivals do fall under the state and local law, which includes strict prohibition in regards to drug possession.

What will happen if I'm caught with drugs at a festival?

The penalties for possession of drugs at a festival vary from misdemeanor charges to felony charges, depending upon the amount and other circumstances. If one were in this kind of situation, then one would, of course, want to have a criminal defense attorney Los Angeles for legal representation.

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