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Medical Marijuana Dispensary – What’s to come

Posted by William Kroger | Jul 11, 2016 | 0 Comments

There isn't a company or business in this country more vulnerable to government superintendence and bureaucracy than a medical marijuana dispensary. My job is to keep my clients running a medical marijuana dispensary in business.

The laws for operating a dispensary in California are highly complex, and sometime likely in 2018, new changes are anticipated for existing businesses during license application review. In addition, certain counties of Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange County tack on their own local rules and regulations for issuing marijuana dispensary licenses.

Non-compliance with any of these system policies can have you facing Federal Criminal Prosecution. The smallest infractions can lead to substantial prison time, fines, and seizure of property.

Election time November 2016 is extremely important for the marijuana dispensary industry. On the ballot will be proposed initiatives that can dramatically affect the current industry framework.

To protect against severe punishment and safeguard your livelihood, staying ahead and on top of all new Penal Codes relating to California medical marijuana must be a priority. Without expert legal defense, guidance and oversight, you're left standing naked and exposed to the strictest scrutiny under the law.

Watch here for coming articles on how to ensure that you meet all standardized deadlines, understand all the new applicable laws, and execute properly the next wave of bylaws and amendments.

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