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LA District Attorney Special Directives

On December 7th, 2020, newly elected Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon introduced 14 special directives that made significant changes to several areas of the criminal justice system here in LA.

These changes may affect the status of your pending case, or even your case if it was closed within 120 days of December 8th. Review the summarized pages below to learn more.

We may be able to immediately help reduce your prison time, jail time, and probation under these new policies.

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William Kroger has decades of experience as a LA criminal defense attorney and has thoroughly reviewed these directives. He, along with the rest of our trusted legal team here, are your best bet for getting your sentence enhancements dropped or being resentenced entirely under these new policies.

If you believe any of these changes apply to you, contact us immediately using the link above or by calling 323-655-5700 for a free consultation to discuss your case.

Special Directive 20-07: Changes to Misdemeanor Charges

Directive 20-07 deals with changes to how and when misdemeanor charges are to be pursued. Most notably, it defines a list of misdemeanors which will no longer be charged within LA county (however, they may still be charged within LA city limits by the City Attorney’s office). It also makes additional changes to how and when fines and fees may be given.

See our full summary here.

Special Directive 20-08: Removal of Sentence Enhancements

Directive 20-08 deals with the removal of sentence enhancements for drug possession, firearm possession, gang activity, or most other enhancements. It also changes how probation and life without parole circumstances are handled.

See our full summary here.

Special Directive 20-14: New Resentencing Policies

Directive 20-14 opens up several new types of sentences open to resentencing, as well as addresses who, when, and how the resentencing can occur. We’ve summarized the major points in the document linked above.

See our full summary here.

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