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Internet & Cyber Crime Lawyer


  • Internet Crimes

Offense Level

  • Misdemeanors and Felonies.


  • Anywhere from one year in county jail to years in prison.

Internet Crime Law Enforcement/Prosecution

The internet and smart phones have changed the way we all do business, communicate and shop. It also has given rise to a whole new world of crimes, including cyber stalking, online gambling, online solicitation of sex and drugs, criminal threats and child pornography. Law enforcement has kept up with the advancing technology as well.

More and more, law enforcement is harnessing the power of these technology advancements and using it to catch perpetrators of these crimes. Courts have chipped away at constitutional privacy rights concerning cellular phones, computers and other personal devices. Police have more access to your private information including telephone calls, photographs, text messages and search history. They are gaining access to this information without warrants more often than ever before.

The law is perpetually changing in this area as well. As technology moves ahead, courts are constantly redefining what is and what is not a crime. Only an experienced cybercrime attorney can help you in this perpetually changing area of law.

Our Experience

Have you ever seen one of those older lawyers just trying to make a call on his cell phone? The guys that can't turn their computer on? Is that the guy you want representing you when you have been charged with an internet crime? Probably not. You need a cybercrime lawyer who is up to date on technology and understands how internet crimes actually work.

The Kroger Law Group is on the cutting edge of internet crime law. William S. Kroger and his team understand what law enforcement's capabilities are and will help steer you through the emerging world of an internet crime prosecution.

Scroll through your text messages, emails and photos. Imagine a prosecutor doing the same with your phone and computer with the idea in their mind that you are a criminal. You can see how easy it would be for that prosecutor paint a picture of illegality to a jury using your phone's contents.

When you are being investigating or have been charged with one of these offenses, you need an attorney that knows what is going on and can protect you from these intrusions. If you are charged with an internet crime in California, Mr. Kroger and his team of internet crime lawyers in L.A. can help.

Example Case

In 2001, a police officer testified about the contents of a client's cell phone during a Preliminary Hearing. There were repeated references to “roosters” in the text messages. The officer testified that the term “rooster” was street slang for crack cocaine. While true, other content in the telephone revealed on cross examination that the client was a chicken farmer, not a drug dealer. Case dismissed.


When you are charged with a cutting edge crime, you need an attorney who is on that cutting edge. The cybercrime attorneys at the Kroger Law Group will assist you through every step of the investigation and prosecution for any type of internet crime charge. Get someone on your team that knows what is going on and will fight for you. Call the Kroger Law Group now.

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