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Internet & Cyber Crime Lawyer

Being charged with a crime is always distressing. But there is something additionally stressful about facing internet crimes; a criminal charge that takes place in a virtual setting can be hard to wrap your mind around. What's more, it can seem impossible to defend yourself if you lack a deep understanding of technology and how the internet works.

An experienced internet crimes defense attorney may be able to help you understand the charges against you. William S. Kroger Attorney at Law has the experience in successfully defending internet crimes; contact him today to discuss your case.

The most common internet crimes charged in Los Angeles include the following.

Internet crimes

Cyberstalking and Electronic Harassment

Cyberstalking, also known as electronic harassment or online harassment, is a different type of stalking crime pursuant to the California Penal Code. Cyberstalking involves harassing or threatening another person to the degree that the person fears their safety. Cyberstalking is governed by California Penal Code § 646.9. To be cyberstalking, the harassment or threats must be communicated through:

  • E-mail
  • Text messages
  • Telephone
  • Fax machine
  • Video message, or
  • Any other electronic device

Cyberstalking Criminal defense attorney, William Kroger, is ready to provide you the best cyberstalking defense possible. Contact William S. Kroger Attorney at Law for a free consultation.

Revenge Porn In Los Angeles

Revenge porn, also known as “nonconsensual pornography,” is also an internet crime under California law. Unlike invasion of privacy where the victim never knows of or consents to the filming, a victim of revenge porn is initially aware of the recording but never consents to it being shared with third parties. The distribution of these images or videos constitutes revenge porn under California law. Revenge porn is governed by California Penal Code § 647(j)(4). Revenge Porn Attorney William Kroger, is a top-rated criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles. Contact William S. Kroger Attorney at Law for a free consultation.

Child Pornography In Los Angeles

Under California law, child pornography occurs when a person knowingly sends, transports, produces, possesses, or duplicates any material depicting sexual conduct by a person under the age of 18. The statute is broad and can include anything from camera film to e-mails to digital media. An important element of these charges is that the defendant knew of the existence and the nature of the material at the time it was possessed. Possession of child pornography is governed by California Penal Code § 311.11. Child Pornography Defense Attorney William Kroger is well acquainted with these types of cases. Contact William S. Kroger Attorney at Law for a free consultation.

Online Identify Theft In Los Angeles

Online Identity Theft is just one of a number of types of identity theft under California law. Online identify theft can involve any type of fraud over the internet. It can include the unauthorized use of another person's credit card or e-mail address. California law also outlaws falsely impersonating another person online. Online Identify Theft is governed by California Penal Code § 530.5. William Kroger is a top-rated Identity Theft Attorney. Contact William S. Kroger Attorney at Law for a free consultation.

Hiring the Right L.A. County Internet Crime Attorney In Los Angeles

If you or a loved one has been charged with an internet crime in L.A. County, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney you can count on. The state has the resources to call on experts in technology and the internet; you need an attorney that understands how the internet and the law intersect. William S. Kroger has been a tireless defender of the rights of the accused for his entire career. To discuss the merits of your case, contact William S. Kroger Attorney at Law for a free consultation.

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