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Charged with a Crime in California?

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  • “If this is your first time needing an attorney, this man will not only guide you through this like a dad teaching his kid to throw a baseball– Matt K.

  • “William Kroger defended me in two marijuana cultivation cases and did a great job in both. One was in the Los Angeles Criminal Court and– Halen S.


Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles

Experience Counts in Criminal Defense

Arrest, bail hearings, arraignment and court dates are not to be taken lightly. It could lead to fines or even imprisonment. Not every law firm specializes in ensuring law enforcement respects your rights or can guide you through this very serious legal process every step of the way.

It’s important to choose a law firm that specializes in criminal defense — a practice that is completely, 100 percent oriented toward your defense. Whether it’s arrest, interviews or court hearings, these firms ensure their clients understand what their rights are, and that law enforcement and the legal process work within their limits.

Another consideration is the experience a law firm has with state and criminal courts. Ideally, a successful and established criminal defense practice represents, or represented, a variety of clients, especially those involving serious drug and medical marijuana charges. If you, or someone you know, is in danger of being arrested or is in the process of being charged with a crime, it is important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

Though every situation is unique, experienced criminal legal representation is essential to being found not guilty and maintaining your freedom. In some cases, defendants have had money and drugs — seized by police or federal law enforcement — returned.

While the possibility of facing fines and imprisonment is stressful to everyone involved, contacting an expert criminal lawyer is important to mounting a defense and its success.

Choose a Lawyer Dedicate to Your Defense

Many defense lawyers previously worked in law enforcement or as prosecutors. The people they’ve put in jail are now the people these former cops and district attorneys now represent.

However, it is possible to find defense lawyers who have never worked in law enforcement or as a prosecutor. These lawyers believe that in order to properly represent their clients, it is necessary to develop and maintain a defense oriented mindset — a 100 percent defense oriented mindset.

This philosophy and attitude maintains their vigilance against any abuses of power by the police and law enforcement, and ensures they work within their bounds.

Contact a Lawyer — Don’t Wait — Don’t Get Advice from Anyone Else

Do not hesitate to contact an experienced defense attorney if you feel that you may need a criminal defense lawyer. The sooner you call, the sooner they can act to review your options and ensure you know your rights and that police and prosecutors act within their limits.

If you are facing a serious criminal charges, drug charges, drug related crimes or if you’re a medical marijuana dispensary owner raided by the federal government — contact a lawyer now.

Charged with a Crime in California?

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