Federal Crimes

Offense Level
Felony or misdemeanor

Cases charged in the federal system range from probation for small cases to life for larger ones.

Federal Crimes Law Enforcement/Prosecution

Dealing with a federal investigation is much different than a local one. Federal investigators work in teams and build cases over a long period of time. They have wider access to electronic surveillance and use task forces and meet with federal prosecutors to fine tune their case. Local law enforcement usually arrives on the scene of a crime when it occurs and makes an arrest. Their evidence consists of what is on hand at that time.

Our Experience

The Kroger Law Group has handled countless federal cases. It is that type of experience that is required when you are looking for an attorney to represent you in federal court. State court experience is of very little help to an attorney in the federal system.

Example Case

In 2009, Mr. Kroger represented a man charged with conspiracy to distribute more than 1,000 kilograms of marijuana across state lines. The charges carried a potential of 16 years in federal prison. The client would have served 87% percent of the time and then been deported. Today, that client is a successful business owner enjoying his freedom.


Federal cases require an experience federal attorney. Mr. Kroger has dealt with the judges, special agents and federal prosecutors that will be seeking o put you in prison. Call him now so he can help you.