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Synthetic Marijuana


  • Possession/Possession for Sale of Synthetic Marijuana, Spice, Bath Salts

Offense Level

  • Felony or misdemeanor


  • These cases normally are charged in the federal system with sentences ranging from probation for small cases to years for larger ones.

Synthetic Drug Enforcement/Prosecution

This is an emerging body of crimes that have caught the attention of law enforcement due to the health dangers posed to the general public. The items are created from otherwise legal component parts but can be extremely toxic when ingested. Lawmakers have had a difficult time keeping pace with the evolving chemical formulas for the various types of synthetics.

Nevertheless, law enforcement is aggressively investigation, raiding and charging people who manufacture, distribute, sell or use synthetics.

Our Experience

The Kroger Law Group was in at the ground floor when law enforcement started raiding businesses for synthetics. We have dozens of clients ranging from manufacturers, distributers, sellers, chemists and store managers. The Kroger Law Group has worked with federal investigators to clear the names of people investigated and have their property returned.

Example Case

In 2013, Mr. Kroger represented a businessman who had hundreds of pounds of chemicals seized by federal law enforcement. He was able to have the product returned and prevent the client for being charged with any crime.


The Kroger Law Group is on the cutting edge of synthetics law. This is such a new and intricate area of law, you need someone who has experience in these types of cases on your side. A general criminal defense lawyer will know nothing about how to defend you in a Spice of synthetic marijuana case. Call us today!

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