B.W. one kilo methamphetamine, two pounds of marijuana, fentanyl and cocaine,  case dismissed on illegal search

C.C. possession of drugs, case dismissed

Y.M., assault and battery, case dismissed

C.S., credit card theft, case dismissed

G.K., hit and run causing serious injury, case dismissed

A.P., domestic violence, case dismissed

A.E., domestic violence, case dismissed

D.K., prostitution, case dismissed

C.F., Assaulted girlfriend & vandalized personal property -Case Dismissed

T.S., Had fight with boyfriend arrested for battery -Case Dismissed

A.P., Fight with girlfriend arrested by UCLA police for battery – Case Dismissed

A.E., Fight with wife who ended up with injuries in the hospital -Case dismissed after completion of anger management classes.

M.H.  3,132 marijuana plants in an illegal marijuana grow.  Case Dismissed.

B.H., package stopped by FEDEX security and Homeland Security. Successfully intervened and was able to have case dropped.

T.K., arrested for battery on girlfriend, he had a strike prior successfully intervened with the District Attorney and had charges dropped to a misdemeanor and then was able to have the City Attorney conduct a hearing, dismissing the case.

A.F., caught sending controlled substances through Fedex by Santa Monica Police, case dismissed

D.K., arrested for possessing 220 kilograms of cocaine in a secret compartment in his 18 wheeler. Two hung jury trials later, he was found not guilty on all counts and released from jail the next day.

J.M., arrested for stealing a $2000 jacket from a high end store in Beverly Hills, Felony dropped case dismissed

R.S., arrested for cultivating 500 plus marijuana plants in Riverside, early intervention with the Riverside Sheriffs’s Department results in no charges being filed

I.J., arrested for having a weapon in public, case dismissed and gun returned to client

N.B., arrested for a misdemeanor driving with no license case was dismissed

P.R., arrested for openly carrying a loaded Glock, weapon’s charge dismissed, gun being returned.

R.E., arrested for DUI, after motion to suppress the stop the case was dismissed by the court.

A.E., arrested for operating an illegal medical marijuana shop, case dismissed.

D.C., arrested for spousal abuse and battery of his girlfriend, early intervention resulted in no case filing

D.H., arrested for soliciting a prostitute in a sting operation, early intervention with the police results in no prosecution

J.J., felony hit and run causing injury, early intervention with LAPD detectives results in no filing by the DA

M.E., arrested for operating an illegal marijuana dispensary, case dismissed.

B.H., stopped by Law Enforcement for shipping drugs through Post Office, case dismissed

S.C., arrested for sales and transportation of a controlled substance, Case dismissed.

M.A., building raided for operating a Butane Hash Oil manufacturer, early intervention results in no filing of criminal charges

A.K., multiple buildings raided and multiple marijuana stores raided by DEA, early intervention results in no filing and return of property

T. S., marijuana store raided by gang and major narcotics squad of LAPD, arrested for felony charges, Case dismissed.

J.H., marijuana store and grow facility raided by LAPD Olympic division, case dismissed

B.K., 300 pounds of marijuana located on long haul truck by LAPD Newton division, case dismissed.

A.V., arrested for growing hundreds of plants as well as multiple counts of marijuana sales. The charges were reduced to a charge of disturbing the peace. A.V.’s sentence was 200 hours of community service.

A.H., arrested for the cultivation of over 50 plants and multiple counts of marijuana sales. The marijuana was found to be medicinal and the case was dismissed.

S.R., arrested with 132 pounds of marijuana at the airport. By intervening early in the case, it was tried in local court, not federal court. The client received probation.

S.D., arrested in Nevada with 16 pounds of marijuana. We were able to reduce the sales and transportation charges to a charge of possession. The client received outpatient drug rehabilitation. The case will be dismissed after one year and the completion of the program.

A.G., arrested for possession with the intent to sell 1,975 pounds of marijuana. The case was dismissed when it was successfully argued the search was illegal.

S.G., arrested in Nebraska for the transport and sale of 100 pounds of marijuana. The charges were reduced to a single misdemeanor charge of possession and S.G. paid a fine of $1,000.

D.G., arrested for the transport and sale of marijuana and hash on Santa Catalina Island. The marijuana was found to be medicinal and the case was dismissed.

C.R., arrested in West Hollywood with 8 ounces of marijuana, over $8,000 in cash and a scale. The marijuana was found to be medicinal. The case was dismissed. The marijuana and cash were returned to the client.

J.P., arrested for the sale and transport of marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine. We argued the search was illegal. The case was dismissed.

M.C., arrested for manufacturing concentrated marijuana, possession and the sale of marijuana. The case was dismissed based on a motion for a speedy trial.

G.S., arrested for possession of a loaded handgun in his vehicle. We argued the search was illegal. The case was dismissed.