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Domestic Violence Attorney

California Domestic Violence laws define Domestic Violence as abuse committed against an intimate partner.  California laws make it a crime to harm, or to threaten harm, to a spouse, intimate partner or child.  The aftershocks of surviving an abusive relationship can leave lifelong emotional scars. Sentencing can be pp to one year in county jail for a misdemeanor and felonies can range from 16 months incarceration to double digit sentences in the event of aggravating circumstances.

Charges of Domestic Violence includes sexual abuse, intimidation, and threats to deprive, or the deprivation of customary human movements and rights.

Innocent people often get wrongly accused of domestic violence. The human emotion of anger or jealousy, or to gain the advantage and sympathy of the court in a divorce or child custody hearing are common reasons for false accusations. Other reasons can be self-defense if the accuser started an altercation, or perhaps what happened was just an accident and unintentional.Threatening words, harassing telephone calls or texts, following or stalking, trespassing or filming someone may lead to domestic violence charges. Domestic violence applies to a broad range of potential victims, not just spouses. Children, co-inhabitants, close family members, former spouses or significant others all classify as protected persons under the Penal Code. Domestic violence crimes escalate over time. Small incidents snowball into larger ones over time. For this reason, law enforcement takes accusations of domestic violence very seriously. There have been too many instances of a “lover's quarrel” ending with serious injury or death because there was no early intervention by the law.  Whatever the reason for the accusation, you need to retain a well experienced Domestic Violence defense attorney immediately.

Retaining the highly skilled law firm of William S. Kroger to represent and defend you is your very best asset for the best outcome. HIs many years as a domestic violence criminal defense attorney has gained him invaluable knowledge with California Domestic Violence criminal laws.

What to do if an Order of Protection has been filed against you?

California law allows for alleged victims of domestic violence to request and apply for a restraining order, or what is sometimes referred to as a protective order or order of protection. This legal document serves as a means of preventing someone from going to the victim's place of residence, place of work, school, etc. If an Order of Protection is put into place, access to your children or your property can be severely reduced or entirely eliminated. Certain allowances may be made to remove personal belongings, and specific times and dates may be established for future child visitation.

To obtain a restraining order, the alleged victim does not need to show a preponderance of evidence to prove the order is necessary. In California, the person filing for the petition needs only to prove that there has been a threat made to harm that person, or that person's minor child.

If you have been formally charged with Domestic Violence, you are in jeopardy of facing long jail time, probation, victim restitution, counseling, and a criminal record endangering your rights to employment and other citizen rights. You need to hire a Domestic Violence defense attorney immediately. At the law office of William S. Kroger, we will help you fight back! If your case does go before a jury, you can be confident that any evidence in your favor and your side of the story will be articulately conveyed and understood by the jury.

Our Experience

Just the suspicion of being under investigation for domestic violence carries a social stigma, even if someone hasn't been convicted or arrested. The additional possibility of restraining orders and dealing with child protective services requires the advice and attention of an experienced violent crimes lawyer in Los Angeles like William S. Kroger and the Kroger Law Group. Mr. Kroger understands the strain placed on a family during a domestic violence investigation and prosecution. As a violent crimes lawyer in Los Angeles, he will help not only with the criminal process, but in explaining to you and your family exactly what to expect. Understanding the process and knowing what lies ahead goes a great length in easing a family's anxiety in domestic violence cases.

Mr. Kroger has been practicing law since 1997. He will ensure you receive the best legal defense possible and that law enforcement and prosecutors act within their legal boundaries, from arrest to arraignment to trial. If you've been investigated or charged with domestic violence, contact Mr. Kroger and his legal team now. Time is important and the sooner he and his team can speak to you, the sooner they can begin work on your legal defense. At the law office of William S. Kroger, we never stop working to protect your Constitutional Rights and Freedom.

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